bits and pieces of our homeschooling journey

Why do you homeschool?

Like many homeschooling families, I must get asked this question at least once a week. I have had people look at me like I'm crazy, accuse me of spoiling my daughter, accuse me of sheltering her too much, and so much more.

My biggest reason for homeschool is Peanut was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD and muscle delay when she was kindergarten. SPD in short is the body's inability to process sensory information. One of first symptom I noticed with her was her extreme fright around noises. Toilets flushing sent her running, I couldn't vacuum without her wearing earmuffs, even raised voices would bring her to tears. It was around that time that I noticed her coloring, writing, and cutting skills were lacking.

After voicing my concerns with our pediatrician, we were referred to a pediatric occupation therapist. After evaluating Peanut they determined that she was auditory defensive (frightened by sounds) tactile defensive (she dislikes getting her hands dirty, sticky, etc). They also told me her muscles in her hands, tummy, and legs weren't quite as developed as they should be.

I attempted public school with Peanut. She did not do well at all. She was coming home in tears everyday, telling me how loud it was and how much she hated it. I made many attempts to bring this up to the school and was told each time, she was fine and to give her time.The breakdowns continued.

She was frequently sick while in public school. She suffered chronic sinus infections, asthma-related problems and pneumonia.

In November of 2009, I withdrew Peanut from first grade at the school and we began our homeschooling journey! We've had our fair share of bumps in the road, but the progress she has made is immeasurable. She rarely gets sick now, and her SPD is better controlled. She is a very happy and healthy soon-to-be 8 year old.

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