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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What we are currently working on

I cannot believe that my little Peanut is almost done with second grade. It's been a weird year, starting out homeschooling, a semester in public school, and then back home to homeschooling. We are very busy around here, trying to cover the last little bits I think she'll need before we go for our portfolio evaluation on June 6th. Here is a little bit of what we have been doing around here:

  • Math- Peanut started out the year loving math, but after an awful experience in public school, the confidence she once had has since disappeared. She gets major test anxiety as a result of being in public school so I have had to slowly build her back up again. We are currently working on money. She has mastered counting dimes, pennies and nickels and has since moved on to quarters. She loves to play store and count out the money needed to buy certain things. We are also working on 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. 
  • Reading- She loves reading and is now reading chapter books completely on her own without any prompting from me. It has been wonderful around here to find her curled up somewhere with a book. 
  • Writing/Language- We have jumped in on paragraph writing, main ideas, supporting sentences, etc. 
  • Creative Writing- I picked up a wonderful writing journal from Lakeshore Learning a few months back and it has been fantastic. It offers several creative writing prompts and has really done wonders for getting Peanut's imagination flowing. 
Over the past few weeks, we have built a leprechaun trap together, started an indoor garden together, built a model of the solar system, and spent many hours snuggling, cuddling, and playing Barbies. I love my little girl. 

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