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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Toilet paper roll bird feeders

Being that we are in New Hampshire, we have had some beautiful birds visiting us in our yard. Robins, blue jays, and finches can be found most often near by and they are really beautiful birds to watch.

Today, Peanut and I decided to try and make some homemade bird feeders as a little gift to our feathered friends.

Here is a sample of what one looks like.

They are a bit messy to make but a fun way to past the time!

Supplies you'll need:

empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
hole puncher
smooth peanut butter
wild bird seed of your choice

poke 2 holes in the paper roll towards the top. String about a 1 and half to 2 feet length of string through the holes and tie into a loop.

now for the fun part! smear the roll with a generous layer of peanut butter. If you have little ones, I recommend holding the roll for them as they smear it on. It's a lot easier for them (and less messy!)

coat the roll in bird seed. It helps to dump some of the seeds on some wax paper first then roll the feeder in that. Press down gently to help the seeds stick to the peanut butter, and you're done! Find a nice place in your yard to hang up your new feeder.

Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations created a  Bird Preschool Pack that is a wonderful resource to use to teach your little ones more about birds!

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