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Wednesday, May 18, 2011



For as long as I can remember, Peanut has been in love with France. She talks about Paris all the time and dreams of being able to visit someday. I honestly have no clue where this is coming from since we've never even really talked about France! 

We are counting down the last 3 weeks of school and Peanut's attention span is non-existent these days. So I decided to build on her love for France and have her make a salt-dough map! We began the outline last night, as you can see in the picture above she is totally in love. She insisted on having her picture taken in France. (I love this girl so much!)

This morning we got right to work, mixing and pressing out the dough on the outline. It's still not totally finished yet, but here is where she's at so far. 

She is doing a fabulous job. She really wanted to paint the Pyrennes Mountains pink and purple and didn't think I would let her. She was very happy when I told her to get creative!

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